The Paper Trail Diary is a blog about paper-loving hobbies.

Here you will find:

Books: reviews of some of my favourites, especially ones that have to do with paper goodness; magazines to check out; bookstores to go to; events…

Zines: In-progress updates of the zines I make; features on the zines that I love; zine issues to discuss; events…

Snail Mail: Mail art; snail mail-loving things to buy such as stationery; my pen pals and packaging, mail issues to discuss…

Crafts: Anything else paper-related, really, so the crafts that I make; the goodies that I like to make things with; stores that sell paper things to check out; DIY projects…

The Paper Trail Diary also runs the Chain Letter Short Story Project (a group of people write a short story as a chain letter, it’s then made into a zine) and the Notebook & Pen Swap (people get to send each other notebooks and pens).

So here’s a bit about me:

I’m a big fan of paper. I always have my nose in a book, my hands busy with writing letters to my pen pals all over the world, making crafts or assembling zines. I work in marketing in the publishing industry. I ran the community zine Static Zine and its distro, Static Cloud, and sometimes I make my own personal zines. I love to use Instagram to connect with others and show off the things I love. I will easily squee at cute and exciting things, never say no to a cookie and can easily hold an entire conversation in Facebook stickers. I love finding the next great paper products and books, so thank you for listening to my suggestions!

The title and category illustrations are by Adie Margineau.

Interested in having your paper product or book considered for review? Know of something super cool coming up you think I should know about? Want to discuss our hobbies? Want to do a guest post about your town’s best paper store? Contact me at jessica@papertraildiary.com.

Please note that requesting a book or product for review is not a guarantee it will be reviewed, it is a request for consideration. 


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